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Nyc Department Of FinanceDescription: DEPARTMENT OF FINANCE is in need of Analyst right now, this vacancy will be placed in New York. The above mug shot courtesy of the Henderson, Nevada Police Department was taken in June 2006, a few hours after the esteemed jurist allegedly beat the crap out of his 34 year old girl friend. He continues to have a relationship with her even after she caused a disturbance over the holidaysâ causing damage to neighborhood property. Most Americans have an innate sense of fairness, and Judge Steven E. Jones has managed to violate that sense in ways that one could not imagine a judge who takes an oath of office to do. I remember the days a friend could get a person out of a traffic or parking ticket, no real big deal.

CARSON CITY – Another complaint has been filed with the state Judicial Discipline Commission against Clark County Family Court Judge Steve Jones, accusing him of failing to disclose he owned a sports memorabilia business and used the telephone number in his judicial office for the number of the business. She said she believed Jones’ partnership with his bailiff and using his judicial chambers’ telephone as the business number is a violation of the Judicial Canons of Ethics. Crime adds billions of dollars to the GDP due to the need for locks and other security measures, increased police protection, property damage, and medical costs.Nyc Department Of Finance

One more thing Judge Jones I saw your girlfriend driving your green Ford truck the other day like a bat out of hell weeving in and out of traffic all while talking a mile a minute on her cell phone. The child reported abuse through her pre-school to CPS (who dropped the case) and at that time the abusive parents cut contact of child with me to insure the child had nobody to help her out.

Judge Steve Jones, running for re-election in Department âCâ is known by those in the Family Court circle as âThe Teflon Judge.â He has earned that name throughout his 18 years on the bench by being the only judge who can do pretty much anything and not pay the consequences. In fact, Jones told the Review-Journal in May 2010 that he has had little contact with Cecrle in the past two years.

The sale of the Crazy Horse II was to pay beating victim, Kirk Henry, who had been beaten so badly in the parking lot of the Crazy Horse II that he was left paralyzed. In June 2005, Jones signed the Divorce Decree which gave all of Rick Rizzolo’s assets to his wife, avoiding payment to Henry of the $10 million award he had won after suing Rizzolo for his injuries.

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