Requirements For Getting A Security Finance Loan (2)

Security FinanceAn angry looking customers of the Molyko based Security Finance Corporation, beside Presbyterian Church, locked up some workers of the said institution for the bank’s failure to produce their money. This is such smart advice especially in today’s world where job security can no longer be taken for granted. This is a great hub and makes a person think twice about their income streams, especially for those facing retirement in a few years and we don’t really know if social security will be there or not. There will be no social security for me when I reach retirement age and to be self sufficient and comfortable, I’m planning for this. Advice on how to achieve financial security in a sinking economy (and it’s been sinking far longer than most realize) is good for a cup of cappuccino at the gas station, but not much else.Security Finance

These people’s children grew up in an economic boom time, when, even if their parents threw them out cooly into the job market, and admittedly some did, the jobs were there for the taking and their pure masses floated the economy. I’m pretty sure Social Security will be fine by then…or that I’ll be rich enough not to need it. In addition they bleed many companies dry by faiiing to invest in new technology, yielding markets to foreign competitors and shipping jobs overseas.

If there is Social Security you will need to be – lets see 70 – 75. Oh and the younger generation has this gripe against you and won’t hire you because – lets see you are too old AT 59! We don’t get social security cause that’s all used up…. Yet I have still spent 20 years paying in to a program that will only help your group. This one should be obvious but it is the most overlooked step in achieving financial security.

Now, it is not uncommon to find people with Masters working at jobs that 20 years ago would not require any advanced degree. I know a young woman with a Master’s in Chemistry who is working 2 part-time jobs (community college and test-prep). Boomers excelled in jobs that leave no legacy – expensive law firms that eat up resources, advertising, marketing.

As for working with your hands, Boomers preferred to hire illegals to do the jobs their neighbors used to do. It was cheaper, and if they acted up, you could just get rid of them. I had worked at low paying jobs all my life for what I have and now I had been unemployed for over a year and starting to wonder if I am every going to work again. Not to mention ppl drawing Social Security before the age of 65. The main street shops only wanting to hire ppl with experience when how do u get experience when they don’t hire you.

Security Finance