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Daily FinanceWith the memory of the 2008 / 2009 stock market crash still fresh in investor’s minds, many investors are wondering: How Identify a Stock Market Bubble To Avoid The Next Stock Market Crash? The story said the group promotes the idea that people are overly fixated on how much they’re eating, rather than how much exercising. Freedhoff learned about the group after noticing Coca-Cola’s chief science and health officer mention it on Twitter. While other data Thursday showed a slight increase in the number of Americans filing new applications for unemployment benefits last week, the trend remained consistent with strong labor market momentum. But supply remains tight, pushing up home prices and sidelining first-time buyers, who are a key part of a strong housing market. There were 2.24 million unsold previously owned homes on the market in July, down 4.7 percent from a year ago.

The four-week moving average of claims, considered a better measure of labor market trends as it irons out week-to-week volatility, rose 5,500 to 271,500 last week. It was the 21st straight week that the four-week average remained below the 300,000 threshold, which is usually associated with a strengthening labor market. Valeant Pharmaceuticals International ( VRX ) slipped $3.95 to $240.96 Thursday, shortly after markets opened amid a broader market sell-off. Building up a savings account for emergencies or to fund other purchases down the road is critical for younger consumers, Montanaro said. By getting more mileage out of your vehicle, you can take your savings farther.Daily Finance

You’ve probably also heard a dozen times the tired but true advice that if you gave up your daily drink from the local coffeehouse, you could save well over a thousand dollars a year. About 6 billion shares changed hands on U.S. exchanges, below the 7.3 billion daily average for the past 20 trading days, according to Thomson Reuters ( TRI ) data. The watchdog group Truth in Advertising found 100 instances of mislabeled products in June and raised them with the company. Netflix has recently reminded the public that it has no intention to dive into the costly market of live sports that offers little in replay value.

WASHINGTON – U.S. housing starts rose solidly in September on soaring demand for rental apartments, a sign that the housing market continues to steadily improve even as economic growth has slowed. Moreover, last month Apple announced it would offer an iPhone finance plan for customers who prefer to lease their iPhone direct from Apple. Although the plan includes AppleCare, it’s one of the more expensive offerings on the market. That’s because many carriers still charge steep roaming fees for the privilege of making calls or using your data plan while abroad.

Given an average of $1,311 for car insurance costs, that can mean more than $390 in annual savings – or about $33 each month. On a $50,000 salary, contributing 3 percent a year over 35 years will leave you with a retirement savings of only a little over $300,000 – and that’s with a 7 percent return and salary increases of 3 percent a year and no employer match. Consumers who decide to go with a high-deductible plan should check to see if they are eligible for a health savings account , known as an HSA. Ryan Tiernan, who is the founder of Access Point HSA and helps businesses set up HSAs for employees, says they can be a major source of tax savings.

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