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Financial AnalystsA financial analyst, securities analyst, research analyst, equity analyst, investment analyst, or rating analyst is a person who performs financial analysis for external or internal clients as a core part of the job. The demand for personal financial advisors will likely outstrip average demand for all other occupations over the next decade. As investment activity of all kinds increase, people will seek out the expertise of qualified financial advisors to assist in their investment planning. The demand for financial analysts will likely keep stride with the average demand for all other occupations over the next decade.

Because of the expanding popularity of the mutual fund, mutual fund companies will have to hire more and more analysts that can make investment suggestions for the different funds. Investment banking will also continue to require the services of qualified financial analysts to generate funds and assess mergers and buyouts. These are the general tasks that a professional associated to a financial analyst job has to perform on a regular basis.

Although, the demand for financial analysts may be limited by the fact that more companies are outsourcing research to independent firms, which may lead to a reduction in internal research positions. The need for financial analysts in investment banking is tied heavily to the performance of the stock market, and thus can vary widely. There are financial planners whose incomes reach well into the hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

The salary of middle half ranged from $43,600 to $76,620 while the bottom 10th brought in less than $34,570 and the Top 10th earning in excess of $108,060. Financial Analyst jobs are available with; banks, stock broking firms, pension funds, mutual funds, securities and insurance providers. Buy-side analysts are involved with large corporations, known as institutional investors.

Financial analysts keep a close watch on the trends that will have an effect on a particular industry, geographical location or a product. A financial analyst has to carve out a niche for themselves, for instance, an analyst may focus on mergers and acquisition in the hydropower sector, in a specific geographical location or a country. Portfolio Managers: They spearhead a team of analysts and manage an assortment of investment options.

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