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Security FinanceAt Security Finance, our customer service must continually set us apart from our competition. Note that if employee has more than one EMPL_RCD then it will show the security access for all of them. Select all the rows and click on the button ‘Show Permission List’ to open all the permission lists those have access to the selected Security Type. If they doesn’t exist then it means we have to update the security setup for this HR user so that they get access to the employee’s data. This page uses Department Tree to enforce the row level security in PeopleSoft. First Security Finance is a powerful and experienced force in the lease finance industry.

However, if the HR user is not there in the list then we have got to update the security configuration for the user in order to provide access to employee’s data hence go to the step 2. Any permission list added to a particular role which exists on the ‘Roles’ tab of User Profile page (Navigation: Main > Setup HRMS > PeopleTools > Security > User Profiles > User Profile).Security Finance

Once we are certain that the HR user cannot see the employee’s data in Job Data page because their row level security configuration is not updated properly then the only area we have to focus on is, how and where to update the row level security configuration. The ‘Row Security Permission List’ which exists on the ‘General’ tab of User Profile page (Navigation: Main > Setup HRMS > PeopleTools > Security > User Profiles > User Profile).

Security configuration in this page is done based on the Security Sets and their Security Types. In this page, we only setup what are all the Security Types under a particularity Security Set that a permission list will have access to. The further access to employee records by Security Types is defined in transaction SJT table SJT_PERSON. Most organizations use this page to configure the data or row level security so I will take this as reference when explaining how to resolve the data security issue further.

However, I would like to reiterate few things here – Before making any changes in the security setup (As explained in the above steps), you must keep in mind that the changes shouldn’t impact the existing data accesses i.e the data/row security access defined for other users shouldn’t be impacted. The subject of personal finance is very broad, but as a beginning, I would like to discuss what I consider the foundations of personal finance: Security, Stability, Growth and Protection & Management. Security Finance, providing loans from 250 dollars to 980 dollars, FAST Approval.

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