Senior Regional Controller (2)

Regional FinanceResponsibilities: Kforce has partnered with a National Professional Services Firm in search for a Regional Finance Manager to be located in the Dallas Office. In the short term the coal mining regions face challenging adjustments, but ultimately mining is only one regional employer and other industries can and will eventually pick up the slack. Certainly parts of regional Victoria continue to face challenges in the manufacturing industries, as has been the case in many of the world’s developed economies. Applicants for this key role should have a Bachelor’s degree in finance or equivalent and professional accounting qualification.

However, the most recent data suggests that regional Victoria has been adding jobs again lately , and peak unemployment for Shepparton appears to be in according to the most recent five months of data. One of the best performing regional employment markets has been that of Toowoomba, 125km to the west of Brisbane, with defence being a major employer for the Garden City.Regional Finance

The brighter news for Victoria is that in aggregate regional employment has been increasing again , and this should benefit the services-focussed cities, where employment is founded upon professional services, trades, retail, commerce, health care, public services and education. Logan and Ipswich are two other cities which have proximity to the capital city, but for now this dynamic of high youth disengagement has driven up unemployment rates in these regional areas. You can download the PDF here or you can drop by the AsiaDHRRA or Uni-APRO office for the printed version.

This is a senior management position reporting to the Regional Representative; the post holder will be responsible for overall financial management at Eastern Africa Regional Office. It also acknowledged that new vulnerable groups are emerging and vulnerabilities are deepening in the societies due to the social impact of the financial crisis, thus the need to address the challenges comprehensively through a cross-sectoral regional plan. Create and strengthen mechanisms for dialogue and consultation between CSOs and government, at the national and regional levels, towards the ASEAN Summit. The regional economic integration being undertaken by ASEAN is also lacking in this respect.

The reality is abundantly clear to the trade union movement; the crisis is rooted in the global economic inequalities compounded by a global epidemic of bad corporate governance. Public confidence in business practices and the credibility of CEO’s and corporate behavior is greatly shaken with the startling revelation of grossly disproportionate executive pay in relation to their economic performance.

Regional Finance