Signification, Representation And Ideology (2)

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There is plenty of talk about what should be done for those who are out of work or too sick too sick to work, but not enough about those who still do have jobs, but are getting screwed over on wages and benefits because of pro-corporate policies that encourage outsourcing, discourage unionization, and lessen economic opportunity for the vast majority of us.

This strong economic platform has to happen now and it needs to happen on a national scale, because we’ve seen what the failure to do so has resulted in for Wisconsin- regressive policies that benefit the rich and connected at the expense of almost everybody else, with previously pro-union areas in Northeast Wisconsin turning redder and redder, and allowing the downward spiral and increasing inequality to continue.Economic News

In the July 27th memorandum, total taxable value was estimated to increase at a rate that was 1.1% higher than the home value change, but the actual 2015 equalized values reflect a difference of only 0.8%. Compared to the earlier estimate, less of the 2015(16) tax levy will be shifted to other property and more of the tax levy will be borne by existing homes.

But hey, maybe the DWD is right, and maybe we did just match the private sector job growth for the first nine months of 2015 with what we added in October, despite the continual reports of mass layoffs being announced by Wisconsin businesses (Johnson Controls in Milwaukee and the Tyson Chicken plant in Jefferson are the latest to make those announcements with nearly 700 layoffs between them).

Economic News