Smart Tips for Keeping Old Man Winter from Getting Under Your Skin

When Old Man Winter gets hold of you, the effects on your skin can be terrible.  Dry, cracked heels and feet, tiny cracks that sting and split when you smile and rough patches on elbows can lead to embarrassing encounters.  My sister said after hugging a friend who was wearing a shaggy sweater, she had to pull tuffs of the mohair wool off her elbows which were so rough, fluffy strands of yellow wool got caught on her dry, cracked skin.  After that encounter, she said she used an aveeno coupon from the Groupon Coupons site and ordered some products from Aveeno.  But she’s really glad they offer products for babies because she has found relief for her baby by using their eczema therapy cream.   Pumping her milk didn’t work well for her, so she put him on an enriched formula that had worked well for her first two children.  It soon became apparent that he was allergic to it.  As a result, his skin broke out in dry red whelps.  She felt helpless as he cried in distress.  Not only did the formula cause breakouts on his skin, he had colic and was uncomfortable for hours.

After changing his formula, she noticed a reduction in the rash, and has used Aveeno baby products to bring his tender skin back to normal.  Now she uses other items in their baby line for his daily baths, and loves their Calming Comfort cream that helps him settle at night.  Not only did she find a great product line for herself, she’s found one the family can use to keep them comfortable this winter.  And by using the money saving coupon codes offered by Groupon, she has found a way to save money on every product in the line.

Aveeno products have been highly rated for years by the millions of people who use them to transform problem skin areas.  Even actress Jennifer Aniston continues to represent the brand and for the past few years has probably done more to spread the word about the benefits of using Aveeno than anything else.  Except, my sister, of course.