Sources For Intraday Historical Stock Data (3)

Historical Stock PricesIn a recent post I described how to import current stock market data into your spreadsheet. It had been a continuous bull market for Bombay Stock Exchange since then to reach up to the all time high of twenty one thousand plus in January this year. All these indicates that Indian stock market has been growing much faster than American stock market and it likely to behave in similar pattern in near future. I have been posting updates for both stock markets of America and India in a separate hub.

You might want to remind customers of specific events or promotions, but for whatever reasons, SMS allows you to pass information directly to the right customer at very affordable prices and fast delivery. It is obvious from this hub that Indian stock market has been performing better continually. You have taken us back to the history of both American and Indian stock exchanges. I agree with you that growth in stock market has given rising opportunities to various Bamking and financial institutes. I have tried to compare both American and Indian share markets in historical perspective.

I think the stock market is overvalued right now considering the low economic recovery we are in. I’m not sure what investors are all excited considering that unemployment hit 10.2% the highest in 26 years. Most of the surveys about stock market of India predict that it will continue to grow for a long time. Between 1900 and 1929 the spreadsheet will only calculate the change in prices.

It seems from the history of both Sensex and Dow Jones that investing in Indian equity market is better than to invest in American stock market. India will come up as world leader in equity market leaving behind American stock market. I do think that Indian stock market will perform much better than stock market of America. No doubt Indian stock market is much better than American stock market for investor. Thanks for a fantastic article about comparison of Indian and American stock markets. This will tell you how that particular stock has been doing as far as the news is concerned.Historical Stock Prices

Indian stock markets definitely have done well in comparison to other markets in last two three decades. One of the most devastating features of the depression was the drastic fall in agricultural prices. Since many banks had also invested largely in the stock market, some were forced to close when the stock market crashed. If you drink one or two bottles of bottled water or soda a day, you can save about $100 per month by tap water drinking water instead. If you buy coffee at a coffee shop every day, you can save over $50 to $100 per month by making your own coffee at home.

Historical Stock Prices