Special Outreach Project With New York City’s Department Of Finance (2)

Nyc Department Of FinanceThe Department of Finance (DOF), along with NY State, administers business income and excise taxes. The Department of Finance, through the Mayor’s Office of Pensions and Investments, also advises the Administration on the $160 billion City pension system and $15 billion deferred compensation plan. In addition, as a Finance employee, you are eligible for benefits provided through a municipal union or Management Benefit Fund. After much planning, a new pilot program was rolled out across parts of Brooklyn on Monday to clamp down on people with more than $350 in judgment debt stemming from unpaid parking tickets. Motorists can make a phone call to a designated number and pay off their debt with a credit card; they’ll get a passcode to unlock the device.

Ms. Grimm stepped down as deputy chancellor for operations last month after working in the city Department of Education since 2002. A tax lawyer, Ms. Grimm oversaw a $20.5 billion operating budget and a wide range of issues, including food services, school repairs, space planning and enrollment, and often represented the department at contentious City Council meetings. Ms. Grimm started working for the city in 1985 and served as first deputy commissioner at the city Department of Finance. Later she became deputy comptroller at the office of State Comptroller H. Carl McCall.

Mr. Klein said Ms. Grimm had great managerial skills and equanimity when explaining the department to critics angry about everything from busing problems and food complaints to dirty rugs and insufficient toilet paper. Over the last year, we saw more and more schools using Google Apps for Education After evaluating it centrally we decided to add Google Apps to our list of approved and supported tools for NYC schools this year.

The Division of Instructional and Informational Technology (DIIT) team at the Department of Education listens to what educators want, understands what drives these asks, and then translates their needs into technology requirements and an IT strategy that helps students learn. We take the same approach here in NYC as I did in my years working in the private sector — we use the customer engagement model.

This included everything from fostering parent engagement, to managing classrooms, to creating and sharing online curricula. From a central office perspective, we authorized Google Apps because it integrates easily with our existing systems and we find it very easy to manage. We created a NYC DoE Google Apps for Education Resource Center to help people get off and running. But it has also turned out to be a great source of information about the built environment in New York City. It will give the dimensions of the property and tell you the size and square footage of the building.Nyc Department Of Finance

Nyc Department Of Finance