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Historical Stock PricesThis Hub will examine: The ethics of anti-competitive practices; the underlying rationale for prohibiting them, and the moral values that market competition is meant to solve. On the other hand, adopting a clear focus strategy would entice Kodak to release products in niche markets where its other historical competitors are absent or at least cannot rival it as efficiently as in its traditional business units, thus nullifying the threat of substitutes. Kodak’s stock performance is a testament to the company’s lack of commitment and dynamic vision. Figures 1.2 & 1.3 – George Mendes, date unknown, What Went Wrong at Eastman Kodak?, Adapted from G. Gavetti, R. Henderson, S. Giorgi, Kodak and the Digital Revolution (A), Harvard Business Review School, Harvard Business Press, 2005.

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But GM was reluctant to move away from big profitable vehicles to small, less profitable cars, even when consumers demanded better fuel economy, and gas prices began a steady rise. On November 18, GM made the largest initial public offering (IPO) in history, raising $ 23.1 billion with an opening stock price of $ 35 per share. The current account, represented in Chart A in red line, also showed how it changed overtime and influenced the trade transactions of the country to the rest of the world.Historical Stock Prices

As we can see, from 1998 -2002, the current account exhibited a constant deficit, except in 1998, whereas the Capital Account, represented in the chart in green line, showed the reverse of the former by exhibiting a constant surplus almost mimicking the reverse of the Current Account. To further examine the changes that affected this BoP over time, Chart B explains the changes in the current account of the country.

To further understand the increase of deficit on the Balance of Goods, Chart C will provide us the clear picture of trends from 1993 to present. I plotted the new index in a scattered diagram (shown in a blue line in NEW INDEX (INDEX OF TRADE DEPENDENCY) chart as shown above) after deriving the values to observe the pattern. The movement of this primary export items is seen on the chart at right labeled as EXPORT CHART. This explains why in the year 2004, the red line in the CHART OF EXPORTS DIRECTION superseded the blue line.

Historical Stock Prices