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Stock MarketHamilton, Bermuda: 21 September, 2015 — Speaking during an ILS focused panel discussion hosted by reinsurance firm Munich Re, BSX President and Chief Executive Officer Greg Wojciechowski, said that he saw an opportunity for the ILS sector which requires innovation and a drive to enable the better protection of the world’s under-insured. Elsewhere in the world, we have the brokerage industry to propagandize individual investors with a message designed to convince them that despite its dips and troughs, stock market investing is a one-way street to prosperity. With another swoon in stock prices mercifully interrupted in the United States by the Labor Day weekend, it is a supreme irony that many Americans will be spending their idle time worrying about the kind of wealth that does not come from their own labor. Dimon thought he was warning the U.S. government that its new banking regulations were setting the bond market up for a crisis in the future.

I have no doubt that many of them will be on their computers checking to see how the Shanghai Stock Exchange trades while they are forced to sit helplessly on Monday (a market holiday in the United States) and merely watch. But we learned in the last stock market crash (and in recent weeks) that-to paraphrase the Coca-Cola jingle-the world’s financial system sings in perfect harmony.

What is telling is that in the post-Communist age, we are supposed to be celebrating the triumph of the free market as an efficient, self-correcting mechanism that requires minimal oversight. Maybe it wouldn’t have been a cure-all to the stock market ailments in this country, but getting rid of that bill has certainly left us more vulnerable to nonsense like this. It’s likely that the situation will not be allowed to be resolved either way until at least Monday because the powers that be do not want the chance of any market negativity when consumers are opening up their wallets to commence holiday shopping.Stock Market

The precision and ferocity of support at the lower line of these 6-year uphill channels contradict all of the calls of the past couple of months that the bull market has ended and the bear market has begun. The bear market will not begin until the S&P and Nasdaq fall below the lower lines of these 6-year channels then have a back test of the underside of the lines fail and then start dropping again. As it passed down through the line midday today the market took off on a rip all the way into the closing bell.

The bulls argue that this is actually a good thing as the market has plenty of room to run, approximately 40 points before it reaches maximum over-extension. The bears claim the same chart as support for their argument that the market is about to take a hard rollover. Their view is that the market has been trying for two months to climb on up to its normal over-extension peak as it has done repeatedly in the past few years but there are simply too many sellers and no longer enough buyers willing to participate. Like a blood-sucking vampire, the market is parasitically feeding off the real economy.

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