Stock Market Crash 2008 (3)

Market NewsWhile hard data is historically limited, China has by all accounts represented one of the world’s fastest-growing coffee markets in recent years, both in terms of production in the primary growing region in Yunnan, and in consumption, where tea is slowly but consistently losing ground to coffee both in the specialty and non-specialty realms. I use the calendar on , but there are several other versions available for free online with the exact same information. Halting a stock is meant to protect investors and traders on days when important news is expected to significantly affect the price of the stock. Never, ever, ever hold you position through the catalyst date, regardless of the amount of good news you’ve read about the company, or the giant potential of its new product.

The company might be running low on cash and issue new stock, diluting the stock on the market and decreasing the value. Recently, the R&D Director of a small biotech company left unexpectedly, and the stock prices promptly fell, because speculators thought he might know some bad news about the company. Since there are a limited number of shares available, the law of supply and demand can work heavily in your favor if he company releases some good news and more investors become interested in the stock.Market News

Myth: The blame for the bubble in the housing market and pending Stock Market Crash rests with former U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, who kept interest rates too low for too long. Myth: Because the current slowdown is due to the sharp cutback in the willingness of financial firms to lend, central banks can do little to improve the situation and stop the pending Stock Market Crash.

Spot gold, which usually benefits from market uncertainty, fell to a 2-week low of $860.90 per troy ounce. The American economy has been battered by a slump in the housing market and a credit crisis that has led to billions of dollars of losses among major U.S. banks. While over the course of last week US financial markets suffered the worst fall since 2002, with the Down Jones Industrial Average dropping by 5 percent, many Asian and European indices dropped by a similar amount in just one day.

Shares in London closed near their lows for the day amid concerns that the market rout would continue today when Wall Street opens after being closed for the Martin Luther King public holiday. Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the managing director of the International Monetary Fund, warned western countries to expect knock-on effects from the slowdown in the US, the world’s biggest economy.

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