Stock Market News Update (4)

Market NewsClose to 60,000 jobs are set to open up in agriculture, food and natural resource sectors each year for the next five years, according to a report from Purdue University and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. S: It really depends on which market indices and which hedge fund strategies you are comparing. The truth is that the inflows into China are being limited by government restrictions. It seems to be a reflection of a booming, growing emerging market that has attracted capital for the long term. Right now, we’re going through a pretty significant period of low volatility, low interest rates, and tight market spreads. NKE trades cheaper, and is more defensive in nature trying toi preserve market share it has.

The popular image of big successful traders pounding their chest and always being right is really the guy that ends up out of the market after a couple of years when a secular or cyclical trend reverses. The best traders that have longevity, who have been through multiple market cycles and have consistently made money are very humble. At the end of the day, what a hedge fund is supposed to do is- make money in any market environment regardless of their strategy. S: EM presents tremendous opportunities just as any new market presents great opportunities. Another housing market crash came barreling in, on top of the one we already had.

China is very different from Russia, which is very different from India, which is very different from Brazil, so it depends on which market, what the different economies are doing, and the prospects. For example: If the US market is down 10% but the US currency is down 50%, perhaps EM will be up, especially if you’re a US based investor. He thinks UARM will take market share from Reebok since they aren’t defending the brand. While all on-air TV news contracts are different, they all essentially say the same thing.

UARM is a high-multiple stock that would crumble if the company messes up. Cramer said UARM’s 31% market share could pass NKE’s 36%, but UARM could take market share and NKE stock could still keep rising because they are different stories. For on-air personalities, this states that you can’t leave the station and go to work at another station in the same market (or in some cases, nearby markets). In my most recent contract I was able to negotiate four market ‘outs’ after two years.

If you are thinking of negotiating salary, you should have a good idea of what a reporter/anchor in that market can reasonably expect to make and how many years’ experience they have. Two reporters in the same market at the same station may have a salary difference of tens of thousands of dollars. Some companies offer a 2% trade, where you take about a 2% pay cut (equal to one week’s pay over the course of the year) and in return you receive an additional week of vacation time. The bottom line is, don’t sign anything before clearly reading over each and every part of the contract, and if you have any questions whatsoever, ask the news director.Market News

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