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Historical Stock PricesOf all the places online where you can get free EOD historical data, yahoo finance is the best. For example, on the Yahoo website, if you change the symbol to KO and enter the date 6/7/2000, you will see that Coca-Cola stock was priced at $53 per share at close of business on June 7, 2000. While still on the same Yahoo page, click on ‘Basic Chart’ on the left-hand side to see a chart of Coca-Cola stock. A stock chart is usually plotted using the stock closing price on one axis and time on the other axis.

Stock technical analysis using stock charts was popularized by Charles H. Dow who theorized that stocks have measurable trends that are predictable in what became to be known as Dow Theory. Other time frames that are commonly used include minute prices, hourly prices, weekly prices and monthly prices. The best source may be from your stockbroker who may have ready plotted charts for you to download. Finding current stock prices is not only easy, it can hardly be avoided on the web!Historical Stock Prices

Every stock analyst will usually use an arithmetic scale when analyzing stocks over a short period of less than five years and a logarithmic scale when analyzing stocks over a period of more than 5 years. If you already do not have a brokerage account with a stock broker, then you may not be able to get data information from them. One may need to do some paper trading before deciding to enter into stock trading in which case you will need free historical stock data. There is a good feel when you get raw stock data and you analyze it yourself rather than downloading ready plotted charts.

In any case, for you to get a good understanding of the analysis you will definitely have to do the analysis by yourself and once you have a good understanding of Basic Technical Analysis, then you may opt to start using the ready made online charts. And there you will have your historical data – open, high, low, close, and volume data, in an excel spreadsheet. The bad thing with this is that it is tedious since for stock analysis you may need to analyze the stock every day the stock trades. To get Free Multiple Stock Data from Yahoo Using Excel, you will need to download either one or both of the following free spreadsheets.

You may also need to analyze multiple stocks and in that case you will need a ready made excel spreadsheet that will automatically download stocks data from yahoo finance free. The thing I like about Yahoo Finance is that you can get just about everything you need from the charts and analysis already on Yahoo. If you’re looking for historical pricing on just a few companies, check those companies’ websites.

Historical Stock Prices