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Historical Stock PricesDownload free S&P 500 historical data using the spreadsheet I’ve developed. Historical stock prices are an important piece of researching potential investment opportunities. Share price feeds for London and New York Stock Exchanges typically have a 15 minute delay or reflects last closed price. Download the share prices of Centrica plc in Excel format for any period of time since our formation on 17 February 1997. DeListed carries historical share prices for many listed and delisted companies at this web site, including prices for the former names of such companies.

So I’ve gone and set up a website where others starting out trading shares on the NYSE stock exchange can download historical data free of charge: NYSE Historical Data No strings attached. Our historical stock price information is readily available in daily, weekly or monthly intervals. Since the early 1960’s Standard & Poor’s Daily stock price record has been the most convenient printed guide to retrospective stock prices. One each for the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), the American Stock Exchange (ASE), and the NASDAQ market.Historical Stock Prices

The NASDAQ volumes are divided into three parts, covering mutual funds, banks and insurance companies, and all other firms. Every volume provides daily quotes for the entire quarter, with all the prices for a company displayed on one page. The library holds this publication since 1962 for NYSE, 1964 for ASE, and 1968 for NASDAQ (formerly OTC). If you need daily stock quotes more current than the Daily stock price record volumes we hold, read on. On the Historical Prices page, there is a Set Date Range box available to select the Start Date and End Date for Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Dividends Only data.

After selecting your Date Range and frequency of prices, click on the Get Prices button. Yahoo does not allow you to state your stock exchange and say ‘give me all historical data for the NYSE stock market for the past 10 years’. So users will not only have to manually download each stock, but then they have to go and reformat it into metastock format. To do stocks analysis, you will need to have the stock’s historical price data.

I hope you enjoy my free spreadsheet, and share it round to others looking for free EOD historical data. Access the StockCharts website if you prefer to see the Dow Jones historical pricing in chart form (see Resources). You will see a more visual representation of stock market price changes over the past century, particularly the enormous dip that occured during the Great Depression. Again, in no way should you use chart to predict the future but it can certainly provide you a quick history lesson. Use these same websites for other historical information, such as historical individual stock prices. Use the historical information to make yourself a well-informed stock investor.

Historical Stock Prices