Stock Trading And Investment Mobile Applications For Android

Stock Market NewsLive real-time equity news analysis broadcasted directly through your pc speakers or turret. It has been proven that stock prices tend to react to negative news quicker than for positive news. A very good example is the latest Volkswagen emissions scandal 1 who have seen their stock price go down around 30% in five days from when the Environmental Protection Agency publicly announced that the automaker manipulated software to hide the emissions its cars produce 2 on 18th September 2015. Over a month from this scandal, the Volkswagen AG stock price is still at $109.30 (October 30th) from the $167.80 price that it held on 17th September i.e. 34.9% decrease, before this scandal was announced.

Well …, social media platforms help in spreading the word about current state of affairs or important news items. When news is spread on such platforms by a certain amount of users, this creates what is called a trend” in Twitter. In 2011, London-based firm Derwent Capital Markets were analysing emotions expresses across 10% of approximately 100 million daily tweets by using certain algorithms devised by Johan Bollen, in order to predict changes in the stock market. Even though, this research was focused on tackling the problem of cyberbullying via a novel approach that analyses online posts in trending world events, a similar approach and concept will be adopted for stock markets in SSIX.

In this case stock market tweets that take place during certain trending world events (which will probably result in a trending topic on Twitter) will be further analysed to see if they can be of any relevance for the SSIX indexes being generated. This is an excellent application for the Android phones and is one of the most downloaded stock apps with over 250,000 downloads according the Android store and it has a 4 star review with thousands of reviews. The Stock Alert application is a slick little stock market monitoring application. I didn’t realize that there were so many options investment/finance apps available the the android market.

If you use Google Finance to track your portfolio information than this app makes everything in your stock monitoring world bliss, with easy synchronization with Google Finance this Android app keeps your data seem less whether you are sitting at the office with your desktop or on the golf course with your buddies enjoying a nice afternoon. Other things being equal, the longer you stay right with the stock market, the more money you will make.

It has integrated news from around the market including a You tube feature to provide you up to date with market information as well a standard ticker and stock portfolio set up. The unique feature about Stock Alert is that it allows you to set up a system to be notified when one of the stocks you trade hits a specific number either high or low. This allows the average investor to be a little more in tune with the fast changing market and able to make a decision about buying or selling a specific stock at the right time.Stock Market News

Stock Market News