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Stock MarketIf you’ve already married, not likely to inherit any money from anybody nor win any lottery, find that starting a business is way too difficult, then there’s only one way left – Invest your money! The domestic market capitalization decreased from TZS 10.2 trillion as of 31st March 2015 to TZS 9.9 trillion as of end of Q2, 2015 – this is a reverse to a similar situation in Q1 of 2015 versus Q4 of 2014. Our market PER, decreased from the trailing weighted average ratio of 17.98 times as of end of March 2015 to trailing PE ratio of 17.31 times during the quarter – a 3 percent decrease.Stock Market

As for the bonds market segment – there was a significant decrease in turnover during the quarter: bonds trading turnover was TZS 75 billion (on cost basis) versus TZS 136 billion in the previous quarter. Its equity market capitalization is TZS 24 trillion, listed bonds worth TZS 4 trillion, average equity trading of TZS 500 billion and bonds trading of TZS 400 billion per annum.

This initiative aims at enhancing our governance structure, provide DSE with efficient financing options for its future growth and also increase DSE’s capability to respond effectively on current and future market needs. The Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange (DSE) previously a mutual company limited by guarantee started its operations in 1998. DSE has 21 listed companies whose total market capitalization is TZS 24.5 trillion, it also has listed corporate and government bonds worth TZS 4 trillion. Preferred stock is listed distinctly from common stock and trades at a different price.

The DSE has recently changed its formation and name from a mutual company limited by guarantee to a public limited company limited by shares and from Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange Limited to Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange Public Limited Company. One original and three copies of written EOIs must be delivered in a sealed envelope, addressed to the CEO, Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange and must be hand-delivered on or before 2.00 p.m on 21th July 2015. The DSE has three market segments: the Main Investment Market, the Enterprise Growth Market and Bonds Market. Undertake market studies and assist in identifying a pipeline of listings and setting of targets for potential SMEs’ listings.

Position holder will be responsible for listings sales and marketing of DSE for both equity and debt instruments in the DSE’s Main Investment Market segment. Handle enquiries on research data or market statistics from both the DSE and other stakeholders, particularly those pertaining to listings in the Main Investment Market segment of the DSE. Already one such customer from Zambia has been engaged through a supply contract beginning second quarter 2015.

Stock Market