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It’s Back To The Future As Stocks, Futures Jump On The Latest Abysmal Economic News (2)

Economic NewsLibya chaotic political situation collides with EU’S chaotic refugee situation – result will be more chaos. An article ‘’ China seeks Latin Nation Commodities” by Ian James of Associated press appeared in our local paper on 6/7/11. This article is NOT about the US, it is looking at China as a case study for the direction the world is taking. My forecast after my last visit was that China would continue their insane development until resources began to run out, and then a few years of decline would lead to massive unrest followed by national breakup into feifdoms of competing ex-PLA General warlords, and that would happen by 2020. We have our own problems and may be past our peak of materialism, but China is not much of an economic threat.

The price of portable energy is now rising, and will soon make China much less competitive simply because of …

US Futures Tumble After Latest Abysmal Chinese Economic Data, Crude Surge Stalls (2)

Economic NewsThe long and short of Dr. Wolff’s argument is that in the 1970s employers stopped paying workers higher real wages to keep up with inflation, as a reward for increased worker productivity, which really never flagged. The impression that African women are subservient individuals with little economic value is misleading. Though, women are economic as itinerant traders affect their child-bearing -a formidable opportunity cost. Child-bearing is an economic liability for women’s economy, because activities are brought to a halt for more than a year when she bears a child.

Then the economic aspect of the husband-wife tie was considered to be of equal importance to that of child-bearing. In 2013, Fela-Durotoye was nominated as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum. The high economic values of both sexes and the fact that neither is just a drudge for the other have been proved over the years. Historical nominal …