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HappyOrNot Ltd., Stated By DailyFinance As ‘One Of The Coolest Things Of Retail’s Big Show (2)

Daily FinanceThe 74-year-old found himself forced into an early retirement in 2001 when his job was eliminated as a result of that year’s recession. So, now, I keep an accurate record of all the expenses, and payments, and most of all, keep a daily close relationship with my husband, on all the expenses, and our bank account, and that keeps us close, and also in control, of the home, and our finances every day. The adult in charge can not even lay a hand on that child unless he/she is appropriately trained, and only if the child is in imminent danger of harm to self or others.

As I said we were poor, we did not have family to financial help us. We decided to sacrifice to go without the material things all of our friends were buying, we could afford to finance one simi-dependable car and lived in a trailer …