Technical Signals For Option Trades (2)

Historical Stock PricesNow, stock traders love this stuff because they think the markets are deterministic and totally predictable. This is just another reason to come to the conclusion that even while this company’s stock price has catapulted 75% over the last twelve months, the company still has plenty of room to grow, and that the company’s stock will continue to enjoy rather impressive gains over their competitors. In addition to buying shares of The Wendy’s Company, I also intend to sell cash secured puts on the stock at price points that are in-the-money. There’s a picture of another cousin many years older than me, a big girl of eleven or so, cuddling a baby doll on Christmas morning. His standard for achieving success relied on him making sale prices lower than his competitors and reducing the store’s profit margin.

I am willing to do this because (1) I feel that the current stock price is lower than it will be in next twelve months and (2) because I feel that selling these puts at or in-the-money will allow me to add more shares at a reasonable price to future growth and earnings, and I get to enjoy taking home some nice premiums as well. If you hold a bond, you can keep it until maturity or sell it to someone else before the maturity date.

Overall I think Wendy’s is a strong buy, and I think despite the tremendous couple of years its stock has had, there is still quite a lot of upside that is definitely worth taking full advantage of. The sky is the limit, as they say, and right now I think this stock has a very good opportunity to nearly double in the next 12-18 months. The company is still creating historical dolls, but for some years now, an alternative line – representing modern girls not unlike their owners – has been a phenomena.Historical Stock Prices

Walmart starts with very low prices in small towns, then after the competition has been wiped out they start raising prices because you don’t have anywhere else to shop except for going out of town. Walmart is not a saint, but at least it is not like most companies who take you and everyone else on a ride… remember that Walmart’s low prices help all those customers who make it the billion dollar monster it is. I was glad for the extra cash but I was working full time for little over a month even though I was part time.

Walmart needs to stopped !US Government has got to act soon as now Walmrt is taking on the Big Three Grocery chains and Walmart has the power to do so. Walmart is getting to Big ! The bond specifies when the loan will be repaid (date of maturity) and the interest rate that will be paid until the bond matures. With Ron Insana’s new book encouraging investing in this down economy, I think more people will be interested in getting involved in the stock market.

Historical Stock Prices