The Benefits Of Cannabis For Health

Fidelis Arie was forced to grow cannabis in his home to extract marijuana extract that is believed to provide healing for his wife, who suffers from Syringomyelia’s disease. During the consumption of cannabis, the wife experienced a positive development of the disease he suffered. However, before the wife recovered, Fidelis Arie was taken by police and Yeni was dying. According to Nila, the use of marijuana is probably the same as the use of morphine. Both are not for healing but pain relievers. Nila said until now there has been no research conducted related to the benefits of marijuana for treatment. According to him, there is no plan of the Ministry of Health to conduct research although there have been proposals from some circles.

However, still, people’s views have been covered by the shadows of marijuana. So people are not aware of any surprising health benefits of hemp seeds. The editorial in the journal calls the marijuana-legal bill referring to low-quality studies, testimony from patients and other unscientific evidence.

If seen from the chemical content, marijuana more negative impact in the appeal of alcohol and in Indonesia marijuana in legal and there is a law JG, but only for research and development. Not for treatment or public consumption. However, there are exceptions in 28 states in the United States such as Arizona, Florida, and Washington that allow marijuana to be used only for treatment of some medical conditions.

Talking marijuana is always associated taboo and ban. However, marijuana is also believed to some people and proven a of studies Florida Medical Marijuana have elements that are beneficial to health. A study published in the journal Molecular Most cancers Therapeutics has revealed the substance cannabidiol (CBD) in cannabis can ‘kill’ the ‘Id-1’ gene that used cancer cells spread throughout the body.

Professional and cons of this type of drug banned in Indonesia. Below are some unique facts of marijuana benefits as quoted from Orlando Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors. The study, published in Medical Marijuana Doctors in Florida, found that marijuana can be used to treat tremors and improve motor skills in patients affected by Parkinson’s disease.