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Daily FinanceThe most effective (and reportedly one of the coolest!) ways to ensure your daily customer satisfaction returns to Retail´s Big Show 2014, Booth #1262, Jacob J. Javtis Convention Center in NY, USA, January 13-14! Additionally, you can get a coupon for 10% off your order by signing up for their daily newsletter and you can earn added discounts by referring friends. If you have a favorite daily deal or flash site that offers boutique, handcrafted, or home-made style items, I’d love to know. The market seemed far too volatile, far too hectic, far too riddled with unexpected events that distrupt my trading positions.

Watching my precious savings dissapearing before my very eyes within a few hours caused me to suffer an emotional and mental breakdown of sorts forcing me to quit soon after. I have chosen to walk down the less-travelled road and ventured into the realm of trading the much longer-term daily charts. The problem with implementing this strategy, however, is that brokers tend to charge wide spreads on currency pairs other than EUR/USD.

In a little over a year since I moved on to trading the daily charts, I have managed to effectively double the size of my investment portfolio. On the other hand, daily chart trades typically bring me in gains of hundreds of pips at a time thus rendering the reduction from broker spreads insignificant. Things are very different now with daily chart trades where each of my positions normally last up to several weeks at a time. With an effective trading strategy daily chart trades can bring in an average of 10-20% returns per month.

I find that it is enough for me to maintain a schedule of regularly waking up at 7 pm in the morning, opening up the platform to perform technical analysis, reasses the current market situation, place new trades and readjust current stop losses as needed – all done in ten minutes or less. Even with the lower gains from daily chart trading, FOREX still delivers much higher rates of return. With FOREX trades I would simply change direction and buy the other currency of the pair when the market swings to the opposite direction – and not to mention I also require much higher starting capital in order to even begin investing in those.

Additionally, I also can make use of the greater amounts of free time from daily chart trades to focus on other money-making ventures at the same time, thus bringing me an additional source of income to offset the lower earnings from the slower pace of daily chart trades. Paris was then – and for a century to come – the greatest capital market on the continent.

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