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Stock MarketKnowledge is power and this is your chance to plug in and connect with leading market experts, companies and financial services providers. First of all , wish you a very happy Diwali and a prosperous year ahead.I believe many of my readers made decent return in last 1-2 years mainly due to overall better sentiment in small and mid caps.Generally, retail investors become active in a bull market and there is no exception this time too. But unfortunately only a very small fraction of these investors are serious about investment and remaining considering stock market as ground to play for ‘ time pass’ My following two cents are for this newbie friends who always suggest me to give the name of few stocks for investment.

Other benefits, a company might offer, include life insurance, disability insurance, stock options, an employee stock purchase plan, training and advancement programs, tuition reimbursement and flexible work hours. Some companies issue different classes of stock that have different voting rights, and investors in the lesser classes have fewer voting rights. Investors want to see policies in their favor – for example, being able to vote on a proposed stock incentive plan, since too many stock options create the potential for significant share dilution. If the stock performs well, executives earn more; if it doesn’t, they earn less.

CEOs who are highly paid are more likely to remain with a company, and as long as they are performing well, stability can be good for the stock. If a shareholder owns a stock class with special voting rights, he or she will get multiple votes per share. The company also offers a number of other stock, bond and money market funds that are more tightly focused on specific social goals or financial goals. If you already live your life in strict accordance with a particular belief system, ethical investing is a logical addition to that system. First of all, there’s widespread disagreement on what constitutes a penny stock.Stock Market

A new store might increase competition and give consumers lower-priced options, but it might take market shares away from existing businesses in the community. Up trend as that period when the closing price of the stock is above the 63 days moving average of its closing prices. Down trend as that period when the closing price of the stock is below the 63 days moving average of its closing prices.

Keep on taking those ‘little’ losses until when the stock will find the right trend which will compensate for the losses incurred in the whipsaws. Fake crossover is when the stock price crosses the moving average of 63 days without crossing the moving average of 32 days. With the right information and proper discipline, it is indeed possible to become a penny stock millionaire.

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