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Dow Jones IndexFidelity Investments is one of financial service provider that offers to buy stock online with various trading platforms for its investors. The Federated Kaufmann Small Cap fund investment seeks to provide investors with capital appreciation by mainly investing in the stocks of small to mid-sized companies with positive growth characteristics. It primarily invests in small companies with a market capitalization of < $2.5="" billion.="" this="" low-cost="" vanguard="" small="" cap="" growth="" index="" fund="" provides="" more="" exposure="" to="" small-capitalization="" u.s.="" growth="" stocks,="" which="" allows="" it="" to="" grow="" faster="" than="" the="" broader="" market.="" the="" vanguard="" small="" cap="" growth="" fund="" seeks="" to="" track="" a="" growth-style="" index="" of="" small-sized="" companies,="" msci="" us="" small="" cap="" growth="" index.="" there="" is="" little="" or="" even="" no="" dividend="" income="" contributed="" by="" these="" companies="" most="" of="" the="">

This fund is suitable for those who want to add a passively managed index fund with small-cap growth allocation to an already diversified portfolio. It considers small companies with market capitalization less than the largest of the Russell 2500 Index at the time of purchase. Dow Jones Industrial Average: Consists of the 30 largest publicly traded companies in the USA.

This Alger Small Cap Growth fund seeks long-term capital appreciation by investing most of its net assets in equity securities of small companies with total market capitalization within the range of companies included in the S&P Small Cap 600 Index or the Russell 2000 Growth Index. Most of these small companies have the capitalization range of companies represented in the Russell 2000 Index for the past two years.

The fund invests most of its net assets in securities of small-capitalization companies included in the Russell 2000 Index at the time of purchase. AMEX (American Stock Exchange) Composite Index: Is a market value weighted index where the day to day price change for each stock is weighed by its market value. The price change for each stock affects the day’s change in the index in proportion to the company’s market value.

It is the oldest continuing US market index and is called the average” because it originally was computed by adding up stock prices and dividing that number by the number of stocks. The Dow” is one of the most closely watched United States indices for tracking stock market activity. Dow Jones Wilshire 5000: Measures and tracks the performance of all publicly traded companies based in the USA. NASDAQ Composite: Broad market index of all common stocks and similar securities listed on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange. FTSE 100 Index (Financial Times Stock Exchange Index): Index of the 100 most capitalised companies listed on the LSE.Dow Jones Index

Dow Jones Index