The Importance Of Financial Education (2)

Department Of FinanceNeeds is yet another right-wing think tank spewing propaganda supporting more damaging tax cuts, smaller government, fewer unions, deregulation and privatization. Finance Secretary plays the leadership role among the 5 departmental secretaries (chosen among them). Generally Finance Secretary tends to be the senior most of the 5 (seniority based on entry into civil services, not based on actual age). Now, Ministry of Finance employees scratch cards and others benefits are being cut to furnish the Office of the Finance Minister that did not even need renovation. According to some of our colleagues, it was the fastest no objection Madam Peggy ever give to Finance Ministry. I am happy with my current job though i was not satisfied with my previous jobs.Department Of Finance

Then Minister Konneh also told Ministry of Finance comptroller to give US$8,000 (Eight Thousand United States Dollars) to G. B. Dennis Group of Companies for spoiling their work. As an employee of the Ministry of Finance who is concerned about transparency and accountability; I see this kind of spending to be heartless, a mockery of our suffering in that Ministry and the suffering of the Liberian people. Working with the Procurement and Budget and Finance offices, new desks, chairs, and lounge furniture was obtained.

Worst of all, when teachers, security personnel, judges and public defenders, doctors and nurses are crying a ‘pay cry’, it is very bad for someone like the Minister of Finance to be wasting money on things that are not needed or required. When Minister Amara Konneh assumed his duties as Minister of Finance on February 10, 2012, the ceilings on the 9th floor that houses the Minister’s office and the 10th floor that houses the Ministry’s conference room and the Macro Fiscal Unit were waterlogged, brittle and decaying. The Ministry of Finance’s Legal Department was involved in drafting the termination contract in order to ensure it was done within the bounds of the law.

In order to ensure it complied with PPCC regulations as well as all other relevant laws, Miatta Design Lab contract was drafted and approved by MOF’s Legal Department prior to signing. According to records, However, Minister Konneh has instructed with immediate effect the Department of Administration to carry out a thorough review of gas slips and scratch which is sparingly out of control.

The new administration at the Ministry is committed to not only reforming the Ministry’s controls and systems, but also to its physical outlook so it represents Liberia and become a place that is conducive for conducting the nation’s fiscal business. In the coming weeks, more renovation works will be carried out beginning with the ground floor to control access to the building to only those who have legitimate business with the Ministry.

Department Of Finance