The Importance Of Financial Education (2)

Daily FinanceMy latest piece for AOL’s Daily Finance just went live this week, and this one was a lot of fun. The costs of stocks or shares of the company are based on various factors for example its financial performance, decrease or increase in sales as well as on market speculations. When we stick to the market carefully we’ll have the ability to understand wherever we are able to invest our money to ensure that we obtain maximum returns. It’s possible to follow daily finance by watching financial news on television, reading through newspapers as well as on various financial websites. Since Rebecca clearly has issues with her own finance, she has no idea how to write about finance or what financial terms even mean.

It won’t take greater than a couple of months for an individual to obtain a deep insight on daily finance and finally he is able to be effective in succeeding as a wise investor who makes good amount of cash. My best friend, a fellow shopping lover, and I would go on daily trips to the mall to see what was new for the season, and of course, we stocked up. When I began to read the novel Confessions of a Shopaholic, I started to notice similar patterns with the protagonist’s experiences with my own. Recently, I have considered many situations that I have come across which have been difficult because of my non-existent knowledge about finance.

Although I take full responsibility, I also have a belief that if school had a personal finance class which taught me the importance of saving and the possibilities of debt, I may have figured out earlier not to blow every dollar I earn. From kindergarten to grade twelve, I was never exposed to the world of finance and bills, school hardly touched on the subject. I’ve learnt so much about personal finance in the past 7 years, and am grateful for that.

Schools need to teach more about personal finance, especially about taxes and bills, so that children can grow up and not struggle with their own personal finance in their adult years. Perhaps if people were taught about personal finance and savings in school, they would know how to prevent situations such as debt. I really love getting to share experiences, information, and advice on Daily Finance.

A text written by Margeret Clancy, Michal Grinstein-Weiss, and Mark Schreiner states that, Savings provide the economic security of a safety net. Issues like the rising household debt crises cause me to question why personal finance studies is still not introduced to schools. After researching and thinking about the topic of personal finance in my own life, I have come to the final decision that I truthfully know nothing when it comes to savings, budgets, taxes, and bills. I took the liberty of reading through a finance book which taught me ideas to help me learn to save and budget. I believe that I would not have lost so much if I had been introduced to personal finance in high school.

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