The Rise Of Financial Planner (2)

Financial ConsultantA financial consultant charged his own mother £400 a day for visiting her in her care home, it was revealed yesterday. In other words, getting steered into investments that help the financial advisor earn a heafty commission, rather than serving the investor’s best needs in the most cost-efficient way. This is precisely what automated financial advisors do; saving investors from getting talked into expensive investment schemes by human financial advisors. In fact, they only manage approximately about $4 billion in assets, versus approximately $17 trillion of investments under management by traditional human-based financial advisor firms.

Automated financial advisor financial service firms are managing money for a new generation of investors, which has made some mainstream investment firms take notice of this emerging financial industry. Their appeal to the younger generation of investors, many of whom have shied away from investing in the stock market, has enticed established financial services firms and discount online brokers to start providing their own brands of automated financial advisors.Financial Consultant

The automated financial advisor services offered by established firms and discount brokers tend to be hybrid services that combine both automated and human financial advisor services. The idea is to offer younger investors what they want, that being automated financial advisors, while trying to sell them more expensive human financial advisors services.

Not a bad business model, since human financial advisors offer valuable services to investors that require sophisticated investment strategies to maximize their investment gains, as their investment portfolio grows larger. A position many young investors may someday find themselves in, as they someday outgrow the basic services offered by automated financial advisors. All in all, it appears that automated financial advisors will continue to make a profound impact on the financial services industry.

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Financial Consultant