The Warranty Of Habitability In New York (2)

Nyc Department Of FinanceThe New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) held a two-day, five-panel hearing on virtual currencies on Jan. When I filed a report, it was found that this person had not filed or paid taxes in over 15 years, had not paid his workers compensation premiums, his unemployment insurance payments or anythings else. You could possibly file assault charges for his slamming, throwing, and creating a hostile work environment, depending on your city laws. I am a register nurse she is a LPN I tried to protect her and her license by bringing to her attention to work with in our scope of practice. We get bullied by cops and firemen as well as clerks in City Hall, Social Workers, neighbors, doctors, nurses, postal workers, etc.

My boss massaged my neck during a meeting and I filed a complaint with my HR (outsourced) department. I have kept a diary…48 pages so far and despite doing my job…the office bullies have won and I am out of a job. I quit professional jobs as a teacher because of the jealousy and competiveness of other teachers. I was the only one not invited to it. Apply to several jobs per day but still no phone calls yet. You shouldbe able to contact someone at the VA Administation in Washington DC bbout this as well. My boss has given fauls information to the head office abroad; this is my understanding.

When he walks past my office he wont say morning to me (he will to everyone else in the corridor) unless I say it. When they all walk past my office to go to lunch no one says that they are going to the pub so whether they think I have been asked and said no I dont know. You may wonder why i put up with it for years – it is because jobs are hard to find, in lubbock, that pay more than minimal wage. Ask for help from the local EEO office and get a free consultation with an attorney. The most recent thing that she has done is she had a virtual PC program on my computer that I had found and had our IT department remove.Nyc Department Of Finance

During that time the owner, an alpha-male with too much ego, would use a belligerent/sarcastic/deriding style when addressing me while he would address the female co-workers in much softer tones. The Senior permanantly canvassed some of the office staffs in bullying me always and one day he called the office staffs in the meeting room and they all started insulting me for not making the payroll infact the company has no money to pay.

The so called Senior told certain office staffs to talk against me and the planned attempt was successful in attacking me for almost two hours. It helped her that he had done some illegal activities on the job and failed to file taxes and pay the employee payroll deductions he took from their paychecks to the government for his crew for years, but she received Unemployment.

Nyc Department Of Finance