Tillotson, Warfare State, Welfare State, And The Selling Of The Personal Income Tax, 1942 (2)

Department Of FinanceThose who have been waiting for the Full COI Report into the Department of Finance are now able to read to full report which has now been published online at PNGEXPOSED It is a 802 Page Document, it could take a long time if you have a slow connection to the internet. The finance guys are saying people come to me with all this rigmarole about we’re improving this, we’re improving that, yet my general admin expenses keep going up month over month, so I’m not seeing it. That gets to the next phase, which is … You popped in my head an interesting way of looking at it. When you’re talking with the finance people, to them, it’s all like a black box essentially. To the finance person, when I walk around, you guys are all surfing the web and answering question on StackOverflow anyway.

The fact of the matter is when the finance guy is looking at it, he’s going, and I’m not seeing any costs coming out.” Of course you’re not seeing any costs coming out because SG&A is still growing because the company’s still growing. That’s when we were told Finance would no longer be handling that and only the mayor would be addressing his budget questions.Department Of Finance

But after commissioners confirmed the mayor’s budget, which covers salaries, may not be enough to finish the year, NBC 26 officially filed for the financial reports, a request that goes through the finance department. Plus my little brother (building inspector up north) is down visiting the family for the weekend so I’ll get him to have a look at it as well.

I did, however, answer one this morning and got bombarded with reasons why I should go ahead and how I could finance it. When I still said no the girl simply put the phone down on me!! The company have lied to their finance company by saying, we were the ones refusing them access, we have taken some interesting pictures of the shabby work provided by Aqua shield, our roof looks as if it has bad case of peeling sunburn. Most national companies would have cheques computer produced or cheque books held by an accounts department. Big question is if they have went bust and I have finance can i stop paying my finance and refute the service.

How many more of these companies will be closing and people left with shoddy workmanship problems and not even able to claim off their building insurance because of it. I think this company should be investigated fully and people warned of the likely problems they could have. Telephonists Anne-Marie and Julie are either scared of losing their jobs or are as incompetent as their bosses.

Department Of Finance