Timely Tax Tip! Finding Historical Stock Prices (3)

Historical Stock PricesWhen you’ve decided to start trading shares, you have to decide one of two things: To use technical analysis, or fundamental analysis. For example, at 3% inflation, prices will double in (72/3=) 24 years; at 12% inflation, prices will double in (72/12=) 6 years. Finally, increasing inflation generally means higher interest rates, which in turn means lower prices for bonds they currently own. Metals can move down but if they stay relatively high, these companies make profit and their stock appreciates. In the stock market, I would agree that there are many stocks that don’t have the ability to appreciate. Reversion to the historical mean on these is inevitable in my opinion, as is Dow to Gold at 2:1 or thereabouts. There’s another subtle effect on long term stock returns called volatility drag.

If you buy and sell gold like a stock (which you do with a ETF) there will be less given up when you trade it. GLD (There are more ETF’s) chart looks very similar to that of gold. Ibn Khaldun, a Moorish agriculturist, wrote a treatise on farming and worked out a theory of prices and the nature of capital. You cobble together disparate and unrelated historical epochs in your effort to discredit the article above.

These are some of the historical facts that had been omitted(many deliberately so) that need to be redressed and brought to light. One thing is certain about the historical record of Spain… With an ailing Spanish economy due to a drought in 1549, Pedro de Medina informs us that this drought had began to devastate Spain as early as 1070 B.C.. And then Ibn-l-Khattib Al-Makkarry (in his major historical work translated by Pasqual de Gayangos) describes it in some detail. In order for us to achieve some modicum of historical intellectual acumen/agreement, I will keep up with some serious historical facts, indisputable and historically accurate.

So that in the post above, I have tried to retrace the historical facts as they pertain to which Africans, from where, settled and colonized/civilized Spain and Europe earlier on in the period of 500-600 years time-frame. The history of the Moors in Spain civilizing and modernizing Europe, is a very broad and deep history, of which this Hub will continue to research and expose some of the historical issues and aspects that went into the this effort of civilization of Europe by Africans from Africa.

What needs to be restated here is very important in clarifying the whole conundrum as to how the Africans from Africa began the whole historical reality and the fact that they civilized Europe, is not in dispute here, because the Hub above ably deals with that aspect of factual history. The side I am addressing is a much more antiquated historical beginnings as to how the Africans, actually began moving towards the conquering and civilizing of Europe when they did. And by the way, we are all entitled to our opinions, but historical facts are just that, ‘facts’.Historical Stock Prices

Historical Stock Prices