Tips In Air Conditioner Installation

indexIf you want to install or to add air-conditioning, we will share with you some of the tips is that the use of air conditioning can be effective and efficient way to cool the room. Should and need to be considered in the installation of air conditioners, among others:

The location and condition of the room. The rooms were located right under the roof (the top floor of the house) has a higher temperature than the room that is not located directly under the roof (the ground floor of the house). Also determines the position of the room hot and cold room. Wide glass and walls are exposed to direct sunlight affects the length of time required to cool the room air conditioner corresponding desired temperature. Certain spaces such as bedrooms that do not require AC noisy, almost silently so as not to disturb the comfort. High ceiling increase the volume of the room. The greater the volume of the room. The greater the cooling capacity of air conditioning needed to cool the room. The presence of partitions or not in the room would determine the need for air conditioning.

Number of Persons and electronic equipment. Humans give off heat when you’re on the move. The more people who are in the room, the longer it takes the AC to cool the room. Like humans, the lights are lit even heat. The greater the power (watts) lights and the greater the number, the longer the time needed to reach the point of cold AC certain. Electronic equipment. Audio-video devices sets, computers and other equipment that uses electrical energy affect the temperature of the room. The greater the power (watts), the duration of use and the growing number of electronic equipment will be the higher the temperature of the room. Energy expended and the time required to cool the room air conditioner is getting bigger and longer.

The reason why some places are required to use air conditioning, among others:
• Temperature. The standard of comfort is closely related to air temperature. Although man is the most adaptable creatures and the environment, if the surrounding air temperature changes, the comfort was reduced. For this reason the air conditioning is used. As a tool that function of air conditioning, installation of air conditioners is expected to restore the room temperature to the point where people feel comfortable.
• Pollution. Another reason most basic use of air conditioning is poor environmental conditions, which can occur because of contamination. The environment here is not only related to the air, but also the sound. For example, a house in an industrial area where the air is dirty by smoke from factories, houses on the river smells, or home on the edge of a noisy highway. With such conditions, we recommend you stay indoors, and inevitably AC replaces the natural circulation.
• Design space. There is one other factors cause a room to be fitted with air conditioning, the design of the high-rise buildings are spacious, lots of possibilities to create “space in space”. That is, a space may not have openings that are directly associated with the external environment. Spaces like this definitely does not have adequate air circulation. The easiest solution is to install air conditioning.
• bad circulation. In addition to high-rise buildings, the environment is likely to have poor air circulation is very dense residential population. The houses were lined up tightly, besieged from the left, right and rear. In houses like this, the circulation of air only from the front of the building. AC is expected to help improve the air quality in an area like this.
Tips and How to determine the location of the installation of air conditioning was good
Some of the things we have to consider also the installation of air conditioners not only on the indoor unit only, but for its outdoor should also be taken to avoid things that are not desirable at once to AC durable and durable namely:

AC Indoor Unit Placement
1. The place that does not obstruct air in and out, installation of indoor ac not too tightly to the roof ceiling + 15 cm from the roof.
2. Replace the indoor air conditioner in place that can handle the weight unit, Be careful when installing the brick wall wearing in order to minimize damage to the walls.
3. Choose a position that allows the installation of pipes and wires cable to the outdoor unit (outdoor) for avoiding the amount of bending pipe bending AC.
4. Provide a sufficient size to facilitate routine maintenance especially indoor air filter and release at the time of cashing indoor AC service.
5. Make sure the AC wastewater flow properly and correctly, to prevent overflow of waste water into the air conditioner indoor unit.
6. Install the unit in the (indoor) on the wall at least a distance of 2.5 meters from the floor.
7. We recommend that the indoor unit is lower than outdoor. because basically this indoor unit absorbs heat from the room and change into gas absorption and then distribute to the outdoor unit. outdoor unit compresses the gas into a liquid and then piped to the indoor units continue to do so over and over again, so if we see between the indoor and outdoor consists of two pipes. The nature of the gas floating, while the liquid properties if it settles the position above the indoor unit, the outdoor unit workload of both units will be tough because contrary to the nature of the two substances.

Placement of Outdoor Unit AC
1. The outdoor unit should not be installed upside down because the compressor lubricating oil will enter the cooling circuit so as to be able to damage the air conditioning unit.
2. Select the open and dry and protected from direct solar heat source.
3. Place in a place that does not interfere with the road, when the houses in the surrounding dense and narrow, put in place a little higher.
4. Select a convenient position in the connecting pipe connected to indoor ac AC, minimum pipe length of 5 meters and a maximum of 15 meters.
5. Place the outdoor unit in a position to dispose freely of air in order to heat the outdoor air is not feedback.
6. Select a sound operation of air conditioning and outdoor airflow not disturb the neighbors.
7. Create distance that allows the installation of outdoor air conditioning in terms of treatment.
8. If the outdoor unit (outdoor) in the tide is too high, consider the power of the pedestal bracket.
9. When the installation of the pipeline ac across the roof of the house (above the ceiling) try to pipe the ac in the dressing back with insulation to prevent condensation from the ac which could damage the ceiling, if you want in buried in the walls try encased in a PVC pipe due to condensation this ac over time will make the walls become damaged and mossy.
10. The air conditioner outdoor unit is better mounted lower than the indoor unit, but if it is forced to outdoor can be placed higher or equal to the Indoor Unit, for Freon pipes on the outdoor unit must be made circular 1 or 2 rounds before going down to the indoor unit. it is intended that the oil Compressor not go down to the Indoor Unit.
Thus technical factors that must be considered in the installation of air-conditioning room, the beauty factor relative to each person so place your room air conditioner according to your wishes, but remains in a state that is safe for your room and the air conditioning.