Trader Dan’s Market Views (3)

Market NewsThe U.S. Department of Agriculture’s market news service provides daily updates of agricultural commodity prices in Texas and across the nation. Bit by bit, the real picture slowly developed and by the time 2007 was over, three things had happened, 1) the sub-prime market had nearly dried up, only a total of $200 billion in loans were made that year; mostly in the early part of 2007, 2) the recession of 2008 officially started in December 2007, and 3) our snow slide had just turned into a minor avalanche, but, it was only going to get worse, much worse.

While this titanic struggle was taking place, the Federal Reserve Chairman and President Bush were telling America everything was just fine, thank you, only a little hiccup, not to worry; and the stock market kept surging, housing prices kept falling, the number of normal mortgage loans slowed down, but not subprime loans, not quite yet; thus ended 2006.

On Nov 27, 2007, the stock market reverses on 1) news that the Fed might cut rates again, 2) Citigroup got a $7.5 billion loan from Abu Dhabi, 3) oil prices start falling as the economic crises starts sinking in with the speculators, 4) a freeze in sub-prime interest rates, 5) the last of good unemployment statistics, and 6) good business sector earnings reports.

As the squabbling between the Democrats and the conservatives turned into all out war when the conservatives drove the country to the brink of defaulting on its international debt in August 2011, and causing an actual downgrade of the United States’ credit rating in the process of their fight to balance the budget without a tax increase of any kind.

This one characteristic alone makes the Fuji X Pro 1 comparable to the DSLR usability we know and that’s not all: this camera has an APS-C sensor, as big as the ones found in the Canon Eos M and the Sony Nex 7. The difference here is the different type of CMOS sensor especially developed by Fuji to deliver great image quality even at high ISO (up to 25600, which makes it the most sensitive on the market along with the Eos M).The X Pro series also offers very high quality and fast prime lens.

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