U.S. Stock Market Correction Not Made In China

Us Stock MarketIn Grand Theft Auto 5 you run into missions that enable you to play the stock market. By independently parsing Buying and Selling Power, it may be possible to better anticipate momentum and reversal in the market. My initial work in this area suggests that it is fertile ground for the development of new and valuable market measures. For instance, during the recent market decline, Selling Pressure hit a peak several days before we hit the ultimate low price in SPY; that is also when Buying Pressure bottomed. With the market bounce on August 8th, Buying Power absolutely swamped Selling Power and the conditions were set for momentum continuation.

In a bear market rallies typically end with the averages in the zone between the 50 and and the 200 day average, the zone in which all three indicators are currently found. At their August lows the Dow and the S&P had dropped about 15% from their bull market highs. Moreover, I think the market turmoil of the past months is a shot across the bow of the Fed, warning it not to raise rates any time soon. Its stock market crisis could very well spread globally, shifting demand firmly in favor of gold.Us Stock Market

For these reasons I doubt very much that the US stock market will drop below its August lows any time soon. This market survived the Paris attacks, a little think like a Russian jet being shot down should not be any worse. Although I did not sold at 0.109 due to the illiquidity of this counter, still, it’s quite a decent profit considering it was just a few hours job. Whatever it was, I got the job done and I can’t wait to share my discovery and stock picking skills this coming Saturday. The market is not always forgiving, so please don’t attempt to punt the market if you are ignorant.

For me to offload all 500 lots, I need to do it in 2 prices and I did it partially with calling in to my Personal Assistant Broker where the commission is 0.5%. But well, I am more interested in the direction of the stock than commission. Finally, I will also give a market sentiment outlook as to which stocks to watch out for on longing/shorting, so get ready to fill up your watch-list and have this opportunity to make money with us. As we learnt how to use the CFD DMA to trade and short penny counters, this was one penny stock that was brought up on the screen.

This stock operation workshop is designed to give retailers a better view and understanding of market dynamics, the inner workings of the Big Boys, psychology and reasons on why the public always get slaughtered and lose out & how to time your entry as close as possible to the Big Boys. When adding the time element into the K Theory, it allows the timing of a stock/index/commodity/forex/futures on its readiness to breakout/breakdown.

Us Stock Market