Undeniable Economic Roles Of African Women In National And International Development (2)

Economic NewsIf the paleontologists, anthropologists and biologists have it correct, our species has been around for around 200,000 years. It is obvious that china will be next superpower,we will have to pay tribute to them as well as work on their land when they own all of America and by default Americans in servitude to pay our collective debt to them. An economic collapse has already begun.. these things do not happen right away… it has been happening already for years The time is now to begin prepping…as we speak there are huge amounts of the Feds qE2 flowing into the currency illusion of derivitives. Production fell for the second straight month in October, raising concerns for the robustness of fourth-quarter economic growth.

We are definitely on our last dollar today and about two weeks from desperation as it is. The truth is this is exactly where they want us. Expendable and working for nothing and an endless supply of cheap labor. Cleveland Fed President Loretta Mester tells CNBC the Fed is trying to be transparent about a possible hike if the economic conditions continue warrant it. Business inventories unexpectedly rose, suggesting the government’s economic growth estimate could be revised higher. The gauge, released by Market News International in New York, slumped to 49.9, a five-month low, in November from 55.6 in October.

The manufacturing PMI declined to 42.4 in November from 43.3 in October, while the non-manufacturing reading fell to 42.9 from 44.2, according to reports jointly compiled by China Minsheng Banking Corp. This section of the site contains various datasets classified under a number of headings, such as Development, Economic Projections, Labour and National Accounts.Economic News

Slightly better news: An index based on a monthly survey of sales managers for medium and large private sector companies was unchanged at 51.6 in November, according to report from London-based World Economics. Apart from giving you recent data releases, it also contains the Pocket Data Bank This is a very useful weekly publication (see Weekly Economic Indicators) that downloads as an Excel Workbook file, with 27 tables in separate spreadsheets. These come in two separate sets: Economic Sentiment Indicator (ESI) and Business Climate Indicator (BCI).

By clicking on the following link, you will arrive at the 6-monthly forecasts for each of the 28 EU countries, the euro area, the 28 EU countries as a whole and also the USA and Japan. Apart from containing a comprehensive verbal economic report (plus tables) of each country and the EU as a whole, there is a comprehensive statistical annex with 62 tables of time series data, plus forecasts for the next two years. The statistics are arranged by topic group, including national Accounts, Finance, Agriculture, Development, International Trade, Labour, Prices, Public Management and Short-term Economic Statistics.

Economic News