Understanding Basic Finance (2)

Finance ManagementSpeaking and understanding the language of finance are essential skills for leaders and managers throughout an organization; smart business decisions rest on this fundamental knowledge. Moreover, the tasks and activities that will be a part of daily life need to be considered to know whether you are the right fit for the job. They worry about company’s record and find ways to fix it. Again, the operations manager and the finance manager have the most pressure on the job as compared to the other two jobs. Being able to program in an object oriented programming language such as java or C++ is required. And the main operating system that they should be familiar with is Microsoft windows or Unix (Electrical Arizona”). These managers should also be able to use accounting software to keep track of the company’s financial progress.

They need to be able to use email since communication is a big part of their job (General Arizona”). Finance managers need to use calculators, desktop computers, notebook computers, personal computers, and PDAs. They have to be able to use accounting software in order to help them keep track of everything. Typically, no prior work experience is needed for this job (Electrical Arizona”).

Some 5-year college programs allow one to finish with both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree (Electrical”). Operations managers usually need a bachelor’s or master’s degree in the field that they are working in (Top”). Doing an mba allows for more specialized knowledge in the business administration part of the job. It is a job that can be worked up to even with a low level of initial education (General Arizona”). It is also possible to take a 5-year program to finish with both a bachelor’s degree and masters degree. The minimum work experience generally required by most companies is 5 years (Financial Arizona”).

Finance managers need a master’s degree preferably in business administration, finance, or economics”(Financial”). The more certification and the higher degrees one has are directly proportional to the salary one makes. One will have lots of free time because the job does not require working overtime (Electrical”). This job has the lowest wage out of all the other jobs but requires the least amount of work and stress compared to the other jobs (Industrial Profile”).Finance Management

In an interview Nick Crawley, a project finance consultant, who has his own consultancy group, told the media how he got interested in the job at age 17 and gradually worked his way up to it(Interview”). He and his father first did research and then they made that decision that he wanted to go into finance when he grew up (Interview”). With that goal in mind Crawley worked his way up to the job by doing good in his school exams and eventually his college exams(Interview”). Some countries choose to centralize all or most of their core finance functions in a single entity, usually the ministry of finance.

Finance Management