Useful Information On Business Analyst Jobs! (2)

Financial AnalystsAlthough analysis of financial statement is essential to obtain relevant information for making several decisions and formulating corporate plans and policies, it should be carefully performed as it suffers from a number of the following limitations. I worked here for 3 years as well and convinced that I should make my career in such type of commission/bonus based jobs of which Financial Analyst is of my dream. Job Summary: The Financial Analyst (FA) provides a full range of financial management and advisory services in support of USAID/Uganda Development Objective (DO) teams. When required, requests and reviews copies of those audit reports evaluating any findings that may have an impact on the implementation of the DO Team activity.Financial Analysts

He/she performs reviews of financial terms and conditions on project agreements, project implementation orders, GLAAS requisitions, contracts, purchase and delivery orders, and lease and grant agreements for compliance with applicable rules, regulations, and procedures relating to accounting and fund controls. In addition, the FA participates in the performance of various types of audits, financial reviews, pre-award assessments, control environment and risk assessments, cost effectiveness assessments, closeout reviews, etc. The USAID US Embassy Financial Analyst should hold a bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Finance or Business Administration is required.

The FA is responsible for conducting the annual review of the Mission’s internal control systems as required by the Federal Manager’s Financial Integrity Act (FMFIA); and participates in the assessment of partner country public financial management and procurement systems. Actively contributes to USAID’s decision and policy making process by providing recommendations and suggestions for improving operational efficiencies, financial management practices, and the accuracy of financial reporting.

Offers professional financial advice to USAID/Uganda Mission management personnel on a range of issues related to the financial management aspects of proposed activities, such as estimated costs and required budgets; internal controls; fiduciary risk management and compliance; and other issues. Ability to evaluate financial aspects of activities and programs, institutional capacities and capabilities is required.

Prepares the financial aspects of project design and procurement planning documents, such as budgets and financial plans for Implementation Letters, Grant Agreements, and other relevant implementing mechanisms. Will jointly serve as USAID/Uganda’s Audit Management and Resolution Officer, responsible for all financial and performance audits, and the preparation and monitoring of the Mission’s annual audit plan. Familiarization and on-the-job training on US Government accounting, USAID Financial Management, USAID Phoenix Accounting System and other USAID systems.

Financial Analysts