What Honest Stock Market Headlines Would Look Like

Stock Market NewsInvestor Alert News is the sign meaning that there is an important information that shareholders and public investors should concern before making any voting or investing decisions. This growth in Sensex might be showing the potential of Indian market, but current Indian market seems to be over-priced and hence a point of concern for short-to-medium term at least for traders. Reprimand News is the sign meaning that the SET has publicly reprimanded the listed company for its breach of, or non-compliance with, the SET’s rules and regulations. It was the biggest one-day fall in world stock markets since September 11, 2001.

Contract Adjustment (CA) is the TFEX news that announced the arrangements for the contract adjustment in accordance with the corporate action of the underlying stock. PL is the TFEX news that announced the maximum number of futures or options contracts an investor is allowed to hold (Position Limit). The wealth effect from the stock market sustains the US economy and the trillion dollar a year military and security budget.Stock Market News

The market has not discounted any of the hundreds of bad economic news headlines that have been announced over the past several years (today’s initial jobless claims rise for one!). China may or may not be ‘fixed’, but my guess is they have a fix (Au) of a slightly different nature, waiting in the wings that will be employed at some juncture. But the UK, EU and global stock markets do not like it. Imports to China will get a bit more expensive and less attractive to consumers. We all know that investing in the share market is uncertain, especially when you are looking for making money consistently by trading shares on the stock market.

Let me explain here one such theory for making money on the stock market, which you will find a sure winner. The unique theory about making money in the stock market in a sure and easy way says – run against the flock and make easy and quick money from your stocks. Eventually everyone who was going to buy one bought one and at that point, the market crashed big time.

Swimming against the tide can sometimes lead to minor wonders and for stock market investors such move may transform into huge profits quickly. That this theory of ‘contrary opinion’ provides a simple, yet effective direction on how to make money in the stock market easily, would be apparent from the explanation that follows. Stock prices will keep on rising as an increasing number of people start believing that the market will boom.

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