What Is The Dow Jones Index? (2)

Dow Jones IndexA steady long-term upward trend, to me it appears to show alternating periods of excitement and disinterest. World events can have a powerful negative effect on markets, and this will defeat the purpose of using a general diversified investment of an ETF. RobecoSAM invited 3,400 the world’s largest companies to report on their sustainability practices in their annual Corporate Sustainability Assessment. The selection of the leading sustainability-driven companies was based on financially material environmental, social and governance factors. The DJSI includes 54 companies from South Korea alone and about 140 from the United States.

Dow Jones Sustainability Indices provide investors with reliable and objective benchmarks to manage their sustainability portfolios. U.S. companies made a relatively poor showing overall on the DJSI, however, compared to their counterparts elsewhere in that they’re outnumbered by European and Asian companies. Other large and worthy companies that were passed up were Oracle and Ford Motor.Dow Jones Index

The list is generated by S&P Dow Jones Indices and RobecoSAM, who define the DJSI as tracking the leading publicly traded companies for sustainability and social responsibility through analyses of their financially material environmental, social and governance factors. S&P Dow Jones and Robeco said they invited the world’s largest 3,400 companies from both developed and emerging markets to undergo their corporate sustainability assessments. Robeco and S&P Dow Jones said they saw certain trends emerge in the assessments this year.

But those distinctions raise an eyebrow: The DJSI does not include companies widely considered in the sustainability vanguard such as Apple or Google It could be that these companies — notoriously protective of the trade secrets of their operations — did not ask to undergo the assessment of their operations by the DJSI rating agencies. But DJSI purposely includes companies from each of 24 industries, oil and gas among them, to benchmark companies within their industries.

S&P Dow Jones and Reboco said another trend they observed is that companies performed better in ethics, gaining ground in codes of conduct, less corruption and more accountable corporate governance, but they lost ground in running operations in an eco-efficient way and human development. In recent days, companies that were added to the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices made sure to let their workers, or the world, know.

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