Where Are Financial Analysts??? (2)

Financial AnalystsCollege of Business Administration offers the only AACSB Accredited business programs in the El Paso border region. Students In the Financial Analyst Program become adept at using and interpreting financial data through enhanced modeling and spreadsheet skills, and through programs like Bloomberg and FactSet. FAP students submit biweekly financial updates and analyses on stock holdings directly to the graduate Security Research Directors. Applicants are students who are interested in following developments in financial markets.

The undergraduate analysts also undertake comprehensive industry analyses on industries and sectors of interest to the fund managers. Student analysts are responsible for researching and presenting their opinions on different equity investments to the Fund’s MBA managers and investment advisers. Once accepted, FAP members shall advance their academic background in the area of equity analysis.

The projects and presentations involved offer hands-on knowledge of financial markets, modeling, and analysis. If a student has not completed FIN367 prior to the start of the FAP program, then he or she shall take FIN367 concurrently with the required course in security analysis. Students in the Financial Analyst Program have declared various tracks within the finance major. The Financial Analyst Selection Committee considers various items in the selection process for the FAP. Jeanne Dixon Dattilo is the manager of media valuations and senior analysts for BIA/Kelsey.

Students are assessed on the basis of: academic performance; difficulty level of the academic curriculum taken to date; leadership, activities, and / or honors; work experience; writing ability; and strength of financial analysis. Students who advance to the interview round will meet with one of several interviewers selected by the Financial Analyst Selection Committee. During the meeting the interviewer may solicit information such as experiences listed on your resume, interests and goals, and your reasons for being interested in the Financial Analyst Program. Subsequent to that, he was assistant financial manager of WISH-TV, Indianapolis.Financial Analysts

Because the Financial Analyst Program is offered by the department of finance, it is required that you ask a member of the University of Texas finance faculty to serve as your reference. Ackley has performed hundreds of asset allocation assignments for some of the largest media companies in the nation, as well as many regional and national financial institutions. In addition, Butler has assisted broadcast clients with their financial reporting requirements related to fair valuations of goodwill and other intangible assets with indeterminable lives (SFAS 142).

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