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Credit UnionI did a spot check to compare mortgage interest rates between a credit union and a bank. Ongoing mergers means that individual credit unions continue to add more and more branches to their operations And, since a key objective of merging in the first place appears to be to improve the efficiency of the overall credit union, being able to assess individual branch efficiency must increasingly become an important activity for large credit unions to undertake.

Our staff are important to us and we strive to treat everyone with integrity and fairness, those who were impacted by our recent decisions were exceptional employees who contributed immensely to our credit union, even though these employees are no longer with Northern Savings, we continue to provide them with support,” – Northern Savings Interim CEO Barry Delaney on the recent announcement of staff departures at the Credit Union head office in Prince Rupert.Credit Union

It’s been a year of change and review for the Prince Rupert based credit union, in March the Credit Union announced the departure of then President and CEO Ken Doleman , launching the now completed strategic review and tasking Sharon Stromdahl once again with the temporary duties as President and CEO while they commenced with the search for a replacement CEO.

The Bank of America club also features tables and bar areas inside the air conditioned club and numerous television screens to watch the game on, so if you’re more into socializing than the game, or need a break from the heat or rain, you can hang out inside the club and enjoy the food and drink, while still catching the game on the television screens.

While a bank will want to choose investment and financing decisions that maximize the value (and thereby, share price) of the bank, a credit union will typically want to maximize the value delivered to members and their communities Even though a bank and credit union work toward different financial end goals, DuPont Analysis can assist both in providing insight into their ROE performance.

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