Why You Need To Learn Accounting (The Basics, That Is) (3)

AccountingThe systematic and comprehensive recording of financial transactions pertaining to a business. Management accounting is not just used to feed management with relevant information for optimal decision making and control, more importantly, management accountants must rise to the current need for sustainable development. Later in the afternoon, there were two more paper presentations – one by a management accounting practitioner and another from the Secretary General of the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education Indonesia. After accounting errors in books of company, company can not show correct and true net profit or net loss and financial position in his financial statements.

Rectification of errors is simple technique to correct all types of accounting errors for showing correct profit and financial position in financial statements. It states that methods used in one accounting period should be the same as those used for materially similar events and transactions in other accounting periods. But it’s an argument for the abolition of OAs, not a criticism of any one bank’s application of accounting rules. Here are few examples of how proper record keeping and accounting system help to prevent and detect irregularities in business.

I realize that it is, in some quarters, more entertaining to speculate about accounting shenannigans than it is to face up to the implications of your rhetoric, but there it is. If you want OAs to be illegal, say so, and let me know what happens when the free-marketers jump all over your case. In any case, I challenge anyone who has a problem with WaMu’s accounting for its OA portfolio, but who does not think the product should be outlawed, to explain to me what it is you do want. With a sound accounting system, entrepreneurs could supply all those required information immediately.

During auditors visit, sometimes accounting staffs have to work long hours and under pressure, answering all sort of auditors’ questions. In conclusion, in our Parliament, it appears that basic accounting skills are very lacking. So Chris is brought in to look at the books for this big Robotics company that’s run by a Steve Jobs type and his sister. Anyway, when Chris and Dana’s investigation starts turning up accounting inconsistencies, they become disposable targets.

However, companies should recognize that more accounting processes outside of budgets can be in each department or segment. Hence, responsibility accounting can place many different financial or managerial accounting activities underneath the manager who directly controls the related resources. Each responsibility center has the accounting resources necessary to record transactions, budget finances for related activities, and function on a daily basis. Some aspects of these responsibility centers – and responsibility accounting activities – overlap depending on each center’s structure.Accounting