With Fed Poised To Raise Rate, Is U.S. Economic Honeymoon Over? (2)

Economic NewsThe Euro constitutes the crowning achievement of a prolonged process of integration between European states. I only stated in my comment, and I believe factually, that Obama blames Bush depite the fact that Bush attempted to head off an economic crisis starting in 2001, and that, in that respect the democrats deserve the blame OBAMA puts on Bush. If you had perfect insight into whether underlying U.S. economic growth was improving or declining in real-time (or more realistically a view), then the first chart is interesting. Toyota says that its market share in China should rise 30% next year to about 400,000 cars. GM says it will increase it current share in Asia from 6.5% to 10% with most of the unit increase coming in China.

It shows U.S. stocks have historically outperformed when economic growth was picking up (note this is not a measure of expansion vs. contraction, but rather a second derivative outlining whether the growth rate is improving / declining). Perhaps China is growing so fast that all of the major car companies can reach a share of 100% in the huge Asian country. Approximately $20 million of first-quarter revenue was attributed to the September launch of QuickBooks 2007, which was about 30 days earlier than last year. Inventory days of supply stands at 38 days, up from 35 days last year and down from 41 days sequentially.

When we last visited the oil patch, we found the arguments against higher oil prices lacking It remains our view that demand for oil is rising at a faster pace than supplies of oil, and that the imbalance will be solved through the price mechanism. It has worked so well that 5.1 million of the US VoIP subscribers as measured at the end of September took their service from cable providers. It also created new economic opportunities and expanded our option for clean energy.Economic News

Ford is still being bloodied in it home market, so the talk of China gains is whistling past the graveyard. Cathay Pacific was up 1.7% to 18.98. China Mobile was down 1.1% to 68.65. China Unicom was down 1% to 8.24. HSBC was up4% to 147.2. PCCW was up 1.9% to 5.23. China is very different from Russia, which is very different from India, which is very different from Brazil, so it depends on which market, what the different economies are doing, and the prospects. While Gross Domestic Product (GDP) may not measure everything, it certainly remains our most comprehensive measure of economic activity.

In recent years, the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis has upped its game by publishing GDP estimates for Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) The most recent set of estimates (which includes preliminary 2014 data) just hit the streets last week. County Pages – find economic and demographic profiles and publications for counties in Utah, including employment information, population, sales tax, and construction information. Be sure to follow Frederick’s Department of Economic Development on Twitter, @frederickded , for updates or changes to office hours.

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