World Market Live Rate (2)

Dow Jones LiveWith the help of this Blog, people can get live update of US Stock Market. While the first chart mainly comprised of rail road stocks, the second chart was meant as an improvement on the first in the sense that it was not only broader but also more flexible which explains its survival even during these contemporary times. The post Second World War epoch witnessed an upward economic trend which was reflected in the Dow Jones chart as a 39% surge.

A glimpse through the Dow Jones index during the first half of the twentieth century would reveal a number of points of financial crisis as well as surges like the panic of 1910-1911, the economic boom of the 1920s’ and the bear market of the 1930s. Times the leading indicators fundamentals of discount or perhaps live forexpros online stock market courses.

The Dow Jones chart of the 1990s was completely bullish in nature courtesy of the dot com boom combined with certain other factors like the dissolution of the USSR and trouble in the Persian Gulf. Due to this bullish trend, the chart depicted a steady incline upwards as the index crossed one level after another, thus breaking many records on its way up. This economic boom continued all through the 1990s’ but signs of retardation were round the corner of the new millennium as the chart once again plunged to indicate a bear market. You may manipulate any silver chart by hovering over it and clicking the options link.

With the turn of the century came the September 11, 2001, terrorist attack and the Dow Jones chart of that period narrates the story of the third largest point drop in the history of the index on 17th September, 2001. Apart from the usual bulls and bears, the only noteworthy indication given by the Dow Jones chart in 2010 is the event named Flash Crash which occurred on 6th may, 2010, as the biggest intra-day fall which could ever take place.Dow Jones Live

The recent trend of the Dow Jones index over the last couple of years has been reflective of the financial crisis which has gripped the country with a number of organizations closing down, the most noteworthy being the Lehman Brothers filing for bankruptcy on September 15th, 2008. The rallies and corrections have continued to make their presence felt on the chart as the index is prone to flinch over internal as well as external political and economic factors.

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