Writing Financial Crime Fiction With James Jackson (2)

Financial ConsultantThe Big Apple is one of the most expensive places to live in the United States. The more certification and the higher degrees one has are directly proportional to the salary one makes. The minimum work experience generally required by most companies is 5 years (Financial Arizona”). One will have lots of free time because the job does not require working overtime (Electrical”). This job has the lowest wage out of all the other jobs but requires the least amount of work and stress compared to the other jobs (Industrial Profile”).Financial Consultant

This job has the highest wage, but the most stressful working conditions (Financial Arizona”). With that goal in mind Crawley worked his way up to the job by doing good in his school exams and eventually his college exams(Interview”). These plans (such as final salary or career average plans) tell you how much you will get based on a formula. A lot of people who expected to be able to retire have had to make other plans because of the financial crisis which has reduced the amount in their pension pots and made buying a pension income more expensive at the same time.

Traditionally, when we looking for certain financial products or services, normally we will go to either agents or banks. Example, for life insurance or unit trust, we buy from life insurance agent or unit trust consultant or banker. The key defining aspect of what the financial planner does is that he/she considers all questions, information and advice as it impacts the financial situation of client.

This trend continues for so many years back then until Securities Commission of Malaysia and Bank Negara Malaysia comes out a framework or guidelines introducing financial planning industry in year 2007. Authorities view financial planner as a professional and such title could differentiate them from the rest of financial practitioners. Nice & Informative Information.Financial planning is the process of making plans to achieve monetary goals.

By definition, a financial planner is a practicing professional who covers the whole process of financial planning including cash flow management, education planning, risk management, investment planning, retirement planning, estate planning, tax planning and business succession planning (for business owners). A lot of people see Financial Consultants as persistent salesmen trying to push you to buy plans.

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